Katherine Doble

Marketing Director

Katherine is the President and Founder of Ingage Biz, a digital marketing firm focused on goal-oriented, targeted social media management, content creation and email marketing. Since founding the firm in 2011, Katherine has developed award-winning social media and online campaigns for all sizes of organizations, from top Fortune 500 companies to privately-owned business.

Katherine serves as Vice President of BNI’s largest Miami-Dade chapter and is a Pinecrest Business Association board member. She is also member of the Miami Downtown Development Authority’s Art and Grants committee and the Perez Art Museum’s Corporate Cocktail Committee. Katherine is a Girl Scout Troop Leader for two troops based in the North Miami area and the secretary of the local service unit.

She was recognized by Ford and Lincoln Motor Companies for her extensive work in the community and leadership example and received the “Las Mujeres Legendarias” and “Damas de Lincoln” awards.

Katherine’s insights into social media trends have been published in NBC Latino, The Miami Herald, South Florida Business Journal, Bulldog Reporter, O’Dwyers, and Customized Delivery and Logistics Association (CDLA) quarterly publication.

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