Financial Planning

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Do you have important financial questions that need answering, but not looking for a comprehensive financial plan?  This is custom planning focused on one financial goal or concern.

How Does It Work?

  • Schedule a 30-minute complimentary call.  Tell us what you want to accomplish.  If we can help, we'll schedule a separate in-person or virtual meeting.  We'll send you in email a list of documents we'll need to review and a few questions that need answering before our meeting. 
  • Meeting with a CFP® professional.  This is laser-focused financial planning.  We'll get together and drill down on the one financial goal or concern that you want addressed.  During this session you'll receive preliminary recommendations from one of our CFP® professionals.
  • After our meeting, you'll receive our written recommendations detailing the best course of action to effectively address your financial priorities.

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