Planning Your Financial Life: One Subscription

 Don't go it alone. We're personal trainers, but for your money.  We work alongside you, offering proactive and personalized financial advice (not products) to help you achieve your financial goals.  Get financially fit and start working with our experienced CFP® professionals today.
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$199 monthly subscription

Annual fee billed monthly.

One-time $900 onboarding fee. 

Dedicated CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional. 

Fully customized financial planning to meet your ever-changing financial needs. 

Simplify your life.

What's Covered

Basic Goal Planning

Personal Financial Planning App

Emergency Fund

Debt Payoff 


Comprehensive Insurance Assessment

Dedicated CFP® professional

Investment Risk Tolerance Assessment

Wealth Building and IRAs

Advice on Employer 401k, 403b, 457, and Pension Accounts

Retirement Plans for Small Businesses

Employer Stock Options

 Real Estate Purchase

Tax Return Review & Projections

College Savings

Virtual or In-Person Support: Mon-Fri

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How Does it Work?

Stage One:  Foundation (within 60 days)
  • (3) in-person or virtual meetings.  We start with a Discovery meeting, continue with Strategy + Organization, and close out this stage with a Recommendations session. Each meeting builds upon the last.  You are encouraged to actively communicate with your dedicated CFP® professional between meetings.
  • We'll get to know you, what is important to you, and identify and prioritize what you want to accomplish.
  • You'll access our secure financial planning software and mobile app, and a digital vault to store important documents.  Additionally, you may sync all of your financial logins onto one convenient page.
  • We get to work on your behalf by developing a personalized financial strategy. We'll ask lots of questions and request various documents over these three initial sessions, working closely with you via phone and email between meetings.
  • By the third meeting, you'll receive written recommendations to set you on the best course of action. 
Stage Two:  Building Your Financial House (year one)
  • Now that you have your financial plan in place, we're here to make sure you achieve your goals.
  • After you receive financial planning recommendations, we'll meet with you (3) more times during the year to help you implement recommendations and make updates accordingly.  This gives you a total of (6) in-person or virtual meetings in year one. 
  • Proactive and personalized financial advice based on your financial priorities and anytime-access to your CFP® professional.
Stage Three:  Living Out Your Plan (year two+)
  • Your life changes -- so do your priorities over time.  Your financial plan should be dynamic, not static. We'll work with you over the long term to build upon the work done in Stages One and Two.
  • (3) in-person or virtual check-in meetings in year two, and each year thereafter.  Between our meetings we'll also proactively monitor, adapt, and restructure your financial strategy as your situation changes and your priorities evolve.
  • Full access to your CFP® professional as needed for accountability and ongoing advice.  

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