On Getting Older: Things I Promise Never to Do

on getting older Oct 20, 2022
Things I promise never to do (in no particular order):
  • I’ll never dye my hair or moustache or goatee. Looks ridiculous on a man, IMO.
  • I’ll never wear shoes with Velcro straps.
  • I’ll never wear horizontal stripes. Haven’t since I was about 10. 
  • I’ll never wear socks with sandals.
  • I’ll never wear one print on my shirt and another print on my shorts.
  • Even if I’m entitled to one, I’ll never drive with a handicapped placard hanging from the rearview mirror.
  • I’ll never wear black athletic shoes as a substitute for black dress shoes.
  • I’ll never wear black socks and black shoes with shorts.
  • I’ll never carry the wife's handbag.   She knows this.  Pro tip:  bring along an empty shopping bag, drop the wife’s handbag in that, and then I’m okay. 
  • I’ll never wear a toupee. It is what it is. Don't this have this issue.  
  • I’ll never fall asleep in my car while in a parking lot, nor in a mall seating area. Looks feeble and pathetic.
  • I will never, ever, ride a grown-up tricycle
  • I will not wear 20-year old clothes just because they still fit me. They don’t.
  • I will not drive in the left lane, going slowly, with my blinker on (That’s New England for turn signal.)
  • I will never, ever, grow a ponytail.
  • I will never EVER wear pink. Gentlemen do not wear pink, nor do they wear diamonds.
  • I will never lead off a conversation with complaints about aches and pains. Actually, I don’t have any, but no one wants to hear it.   
  • I will not use a fanny pack.
Let's make it positive 

Now let’s turn it around to the positive.  Here is a list of things I promise TO do as I get deeper into the winter of my life:

  • I will continue to bathe daily and wear fresh clothes each day. This includes frequent shampoos.  Nobody likes a smelly old man.
  • I will wear clothes that actually fit me and that are current in terms of cut & style and are age-appropriate.
  • I will continue to be interested in the people around me, and curious about what they are doing.
  • I will continue to read widely and avidly.
  • I will continue to grow, to expand, and to enjoy each day and all the people around me.

 I’ve really put myself out there, haven’t I?  Remember, I was a retail manager for many years, so in terms of clothing, fit, and style I know what looks good and what doesn’t. 

And women?

I can almost hear my readers clamoring to know what my thoughts are for women.  Not being a stupid man, I’m not going to go there.  But I will offer up one – and only one – helpful suggestion:  Never ask your husband to hold your handbag.  Please see above.

And to the positive:  All women, all over the world, should wear high heels.  Need a role model?  Look at Tina Turner.  She was into her 70’s and still dancing in high heels and looking great!

Can you think of anything to add to the list?  Remember, this is personal to me.  You can develop your own list.  Leave it in the comments below. 

Best to all,

--Glenn J. Downing, MBA, CFP®

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