Investment Management

Your investment account is a means to an end – you save and invest with a goal in mind.  That goal could be retirement, a real estate purchase, or future education for you children.  We want our clients to stop worrying about the future, and instead partner with us, so they can lead their best lives now. 

Our Investment Philosophy

We're long term investors. At CameronDowning, we create model ETF portfolios based on your life goals, time horizon, and comfort level with market volatility. Whether you're interested in investing in the most innovative companies of tomorrow, establishing a fixed-income conservative portfolio, or a moderate allocation invested in some of the biggest companies on the planet -- let us help you invest wisely for the future. 

Investment Choices

At CameronDowning we use Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) and individual stocks and bonds in client accounts. A typical account is an allocation of ETFs which track an index complemented with a sector specific allocation. 

Low-Cost & Tax Efficient

Our use of Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) allows our portfolios to maintain low expense ratios and be tax efficient - meaning you get to keep more of what's yours. 


Our investment philosophy starts with you. We will go through a risk tolerance assessment together using Riskalyze, a powerful software that generates a risk score for you. This gives us a good idea of how to allocate your funds among the various asset classes. Everyone is different – some people can tolerate very little investment risk, and are content to merely keep up with inflation. Others want big gains, and are able to tolerate a lot of market volatility for a (hopefully) higher return. Most people fall somewhere in the middle. In other words, what can you live with, and what would keep you up at night?

Our promise to you:

You can expect a transparent process from the beginning. After opening your account and investing funds, we establish periodic and consistent review meetings over the long term to ensure that your portfolio allocation is fully aligned with your stated goals.  We make ourselves available as a resource for any financial questions or concerns you may have.

Does this describe your current situation?

  • You haven’t heard from your current adviser
  • You don’t feel valued – you’re just an account
  • You see no apparent strategy or rationale for the positions you own
  • You keep getting pitched for products you don’t need
  • You feel like you’re not getting value for the fees you’re paying
  • You’ve been managing your money on your own, but think a professional could do it better

The value in working with CameronDowning:

  • We’re fiduciaries – you’ll work with a dedicated team of CFP® professionals
  • No products, no hidden fees, no commissions, no sales tactics – EVER!
  • We optimize for tax efficiency
  • We invest in low-cost ETFs
  • Systematic rebalancing
  • We’ll help you avoid the mistakes that many investors make
  • You’ll understand what’s in your portfolio and why
  • Easy communication via phone, email, and text
  • We’ll respond promptly to any inquiry
  • An annual service calendar you can see and count on

Fee Schedule

Our investable asset minimum is $250,000 per household. Fees are deducted from your investment account according to the following tiered schedule.

Frequently Asked Questions