Hurricane Financial Preparedness: Top 6 Priorities Before A Storm Hits

As I write this, the Carolinas are experiencing the worst of Hurricane Florence. I’ve ridden out half a dozen hurricanes as a native Floridian. As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional, I’ve seen the difference that having (or not having!) a hurricane financial preparedness plan can make. The aftermath of a hurricane is not only about the damage to life and property, but for many it can take a serious personal financial toll. As you stock up on canned food, batteries, and bottled water, don’t neglect to address these top 6 financial priorities before a storm makes landfall.

1. Review your homeowners insurance policy for hurricane financial preparedness
Odds are your home is your most valuable asset. Why roll the dice on this? Not having homeowners insurance coverage is a mistake. Having a homeowners policy with little hurricane windstorm coverage could become a catastrophe. Typically, you’ll have a windstorm deductible for hurricane damage claims...

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