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201 Alhambra Cir, Ste 602
Coral Gables, FL, 33134
United States


CameronDowning is a Registered Investment Adviser in the state of Florida. We offer independent financial planning advice. 


To us, relationship is more important than revenue. Our mission is to be accessible experts assisting our clients in achieving their financial goals.  To that end we invest the necessary time to educate our clients to make wise decisions.  We are fee-based financial planners. Our approach is that everything begins with a plan. Your plan is the context from which we make recommendations. In addition to planning services, we also broker insurance for our clients.



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Building Relationships. Access to Professional Advice.

You've completed a professional degree. You're working long hours now, but still have student loan debt. Do you pay off the debt first, or start savings? What do you need to do to purchase your first home? What insurance should you have?

The nest is empty now. Soon you can draw social security. Should you take it now or wait? Are your retirement savings enough? Will you outlive your money? What if an illness wipes you out? Should you move to a smaller place? Are you caring for your elderly parents?

You were born and raised outside the U.S. You love your home, but it has become politically unstable. You feel at home in Miami. Should you purchase a condo? How do you protect your hard-earned assets? Can you move your investment accounts to the U.S. while minimizing taxes? 

Nacio y fue criado afuera de los Estados Unidos. Usted ama su patria, pero la situacion politica es instable. Se siente comodo en Miami. Debe comprar un condominio? Como se proteje sus valores acumulados? Se puede transferir sus inverciones a los EE.UU en una manera que reduce al minimo los impuestos?